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About us

"We are a couple with a passion to do some artworks. Before we met we spent the time of doing some crafts as a part of our hobbies. I am happy to support my talented partner in his leather adventure. I'm so glad to have someone I can share my passions and support each other in creating things! Love to watch his patience, how he choose leathers and match them, putting together from scrap into an amazing ready product. As a part of our little team, I do some product photo shoots and graphics. We've just put together our passions and hobbies and one day we want to grow up a big brand."



Vezavi is small solo trade business based in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

All products are 100% handcrafted in real leather hides.

Hand stitched, hand cut, some of them even hand dyed.

All details finished on the highest level to make you feel you own very special product.

We believe that our products are something more than just a thing. 

If you wish to contact us feel free to send an email:



We are open to your ideas.


Vezavi Team

Vezavi product close ups